2014 Soyabean trial

Results of studies carried out under growth room conditions indicated that Hibrix soil amendment can provide significant increases in the growth of wheat, soybean and canola.?In the summer of 2013, a field trial was conducted using soybeans as the indicator crop to test the effectiveness of Hibrix soil amendment for increasing plant growth and productivity under field conditions. The trial was laid out in a randomized block design with 4 replicates. Plots were planted in 7 rows on 50 cm row spacing to a length of 10M with a 7 row John Deere plot planter. Plots measured 3.5m x 8m. The treatments were applied to a length of 10M and alleys were rototilled out to give a final plot length of 8m (Table 1). The soil applied treatment at 2.5 l/ha and the soil/foliar applied treatment had the highest yields of the 4 treatments (Figure 4). All Hibrix treatments had significantly higher yields than the control plot

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