Hibrix Trial Results – 2014 to 2020

Work with us to improve your farming practices.

The Hibrix team has invested in, and worked collaboratively with Farmers to prove the benefits across a range of industries – and more recently with Queensland cane sugar farmers to help save the Great Barrier Reef. We look forward to working with you and sharing our knowledge.

Sugar Cane trials

In 2014 Hibrix Sales Pty Ltd read of the pressure on sugar cane farmers from those claiming that farmers were polluting the streams adjacent to the Great Barrier Reef. The pressure was sufficient to make farmers look at alternatives. We had the world’s best alternative, based on the very successful Hibrix Chelator but most farmers clung to standard farming NPK  systems.

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Onion Trial – Bunbury

Hibrix treated plants required less pesticide applications for thrips due to increase immune response. Hibrix treated onions were larger and of a consistently better grade. Yield tonnage was increased by 10%. Hibrix treated plots maintain 26% higher bris readings throughout the trial.

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Potato Trial – Mondial

Hibrix treated plants were visibly greener and healthier. Yield tonnage increased by 15% Overall grade of produce increased. Click here to read the report summary.

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Wheat trial in Narembeen

Average wheat head was larger Average number of grains per head increased Average weight of each grain increased Input costs were reduced. Click here to read the report summary.

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Corn Production in the Bowen Food Basin

In Bowen, Queensland, in 2010, Hibrix was compared with a high NPK mineral fertiliser program for the production of maize cv. Hycorn 675IT on an alluvial sandy loam soil irrigated via sub-surface drip tape. At commercial harvest, cobs from 20 randomly selected plants per plot from were harvested, weighed and the length, girth at the cob base and length of tip

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2014 Soyabean trial

Results of studies carried out under growth room conditions indicated that Hibrix soil amendment can provide significant increases in the growth of wheat, soybean and canola.?In the summer of 2013, a field trial was conducted using soybeans as the indicator crop to test the effectiveness of Hibrix soil amendment for increasing plant growth and productivity under field conditions. The trial was

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2014/2015 wheat trial report

At Northam in the central wheatbelt of Western Australia in 2014, wheat cv. Eradu was sown into a wheat stubble paddock to evaluate the effects of various rates of fertiliser in combination with Hibrix BB. Agras fertiliser was banded below the seed at sowing at 0, 25, 51, 75 or 99 kg/ha whilst Hibrix BB was applied to half of each

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2014/2015 pasture trial – Waroona

At Waroona in the Peel region of Western Australia in 2014, 12 by 1m square wire cattle cages were placed at random to evaluate the effects of Hibrix pasture treatment combined with 50kg/ha of super phosphate versus the growers standard fertiliser usage of 100kg/ha of super phosphate. The Hibrix treated plots produced significantly higher amounts of dry matter without any reduction

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