First of a five year trial producing wheat at reduced rates of NPK (50% to 75%)

At Northam in the central wheatbelt of Western Australia in 2013, wheat cv. Eradu was sown into a pasture paddock to evaluate the effects of various rates of fertiliser in combination with Hibrix BB. Agras fertiliser was banded below the seed at sowing at 0, 25, 51, 75 or 99 kg/ha whilst Hibrix BB was applied to half the plots as a broadcast soil spray at 2.5 L/ha two days after sowing. There were no visual differences in crop establishment or biomass between treatments. Hibrix BB showed numerically higher NDVI readings compared to the same rate of Agras applied alone. At equivalent rates of Agras, the addition of Hibrix consistently showed numerically higher yield. The second year (2014) is progressing much as expected.

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