Dowering Field Day

Dowerin Field Day
It’s time for the 51st Dowerin Field Day!  You can find us in the Innovation tent at stall 13.  This year we are bringing our coffee machine, so pop in and grab a coffee while we run through our replicated trial data and explain how Hibrix can save you money, increase your yield, improve your soils and benefit the environment.
So wether you’ve got wheat, sheep, cattle, veggies or all the above, come in and say g’day on August 26th – 27th.


Hibrix to trial on Sugar Cane

Hibrix Sugar Cane


In the town of Tully North Queensland, where the record rainfall is 7.9 meters for the year, Hibrix Gold is going to be trialled in cane production.  After anecdotal evidence was seen in the first year, Tully Sugar have decided to conduct formal trials on three separate farms.  It is anticipated that a higher sugar content (hi brix) can be produced with a lower amount of fertiliser.  This outcome will be a great win for the farmers as well as for the environment.


Great write up about our Morrinsville seminar

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Hibrix Debut in NZ


Waikato River – Hamilton

Hibrix have touched down in Hamilton, New Zealand.  Looking forward to a couple of productive weeks talking to farmers.

We have three seminars scheduled around Waikato.  The 11th in Gordonton, 17th in Morrinsville and on the 19th we’re in Tomarata.

All are welcome to come along for an informative talk on fertiliser life cycle, soil biology and increasing farm profitability.

If you’d like to talk to us one on one while we’re here please get in touch

Guess which one is Hibrix

No prizes here.  This came through from our distributer is Montana.  Needless to say another satisfied customer.


Guess which one is Hibrix

Presentation in Mount Barker


Mount Barker Hibrix

Recently the Hibrix team were in sunny Mount Barker to give a presentation on Soil Fertility and Fertiliser usage trends. A big thanks to the Plantagenet Hotel (bottom pub) for hosting us and putting on food and drinks.  

The feedback has all been positive with everyone saying they learned something new.

We are in the process of organising a second visit to Mount Barker as well as presentations across the Australia and New Zealand.

Drop us a line if you would like more information about when we will be in a venue near you.

More results, more good news.

The latest round of biomass assessment has been completed and the results are great!  A picture speaks a thousand words so without further  adieu.


Hibrix pasture Bomass









Preliminary pasture trial results

In Waroona WA, on a property with 12,000 head of cattle and 3000 head of sheep the results of this seasons pasture trials are coming in.  Because the farm drains into a RAMSAR wetland, the farm manager was keen to reduce his phosphorous runoff.  In addition to reducing the runoff we have also increased the quantity and quality of his pasture.


Below are the results from the nine replicants in the trial.
2014-15 pasture trial results.xlsx


A draft copy of the report can be seen here with the final revision due in April

Hibrix – The proof is in the pudding.

How many alternative agricultural products have sprung onto the market in the last 5 years? It seems that every man and his dog are trying to sell a cure-all concoction made from Himalayan yeti droppings or juiced worm skin harvested by unspoiled vegans.

Whenever you hear about a new product you should ask one question and one question only;

Can you show me independent, replicated trial data proving your claims?

If the answer is no (as it usually is) then hang-up, put down the brochure and close the door. Australia’s marketing laws do not require a product to substantiate its claims, which allows manufacturers to prey on the gullible. Canada, and to a lesser extent the USA are way ahead of us when it comes to truth in advertising, Hibrix was required to undergo rigorous efficacy testing before being accepted for sale in the Americas.

On that note here are two of our independent replicated trial reports for the 2014/2015 season.

Hibrix Wheat Trial 2015

Hibrix Pasture Trial 2015

Super Heroes

I have been keenly following the exploits of the Men’s ( Kookaburras)and the women’s (Hockeyroos) in their current international games.


They don’t always win but they are very competitive.


They are a credit to their coaches and recent past coaches. Both teams use every bit of technology available to them. The teams train in excellent facilities, use video comparisons, have good medical support  with dietary,  physiotherapy support and post game and post career psychological guidance.


The coaches study the rules, the trends, the successful teams and change their system of training accordingly.


And all for a game. They are really amateurs; big payouts are not available.


Farming in Australia has none of the spontaneity, the willingness to adapt to conditions, studying the past to exploit the future, that hockey players take for granted.


Richard Aggiss and his World Rules committee have revolutionised hockey. Antiquated or unnecessary rules (Offside, sticks, turning), have been ruthlessly eliminated. The game is faster, better to play and television suitable.


Farmers have stuck to the same old system, now approaching fifty years old, using acid fertilisers and opting for expensive machinery to make it all pay. They have created a world of dangerous chemicals to replace labour, in search of increased yield.


Efficient farming, using nature as a partner to produce high yield wheat crops and reduce farming cost, is hardly contemplated. Higher applications of acid fertilisers and the spraying of multiple dangerous chemicals to ward off the resultant weeds and pests, remains the plan for most farmers.


The Hibrix System of Acid Free farming, that can be progressively introduced, for pasture improvement, high brix products and high returns is hardly investigated.


Smart farmers quietly change their fertiliser, eliminate ‘pickling’ , reduce their costs, increase their yield and with higher prices for their product shuck off the Bank.


Not for them the increase in acreage, the bigger more expensive machinery, the handling of dangerous chemicals. This model is archaic even obscene.


Elimination of the chemical model does require some effort, study, adjustment and finally some more tractor driving.


Many ridicule the new farming. But the joke is on them. Chemicals are cumulative in the body’s system. Hibrix farming protects the whole farmer family and their bank balance.