Improving your pasture


Hibrix Pasture improvers are design to;

  • Increase the digestibility of pasture (Metabolisable Energy)
  • Increase the clover population over a given area
  • Increase dry matter
  • Earlier stabilization of digestibility after pasture maturation
  • Better profits for the grower

The quality of pasture is directly linked to production of meat, wool and milk. Digestible content is the measure of the amount of plant matter that is retained in the animal after being eaten. In it’s most basic terms it is the ratio of what goes in to what comes out.

Hibrix pasture improver contains a small amount of Hibrix chelator stabilized (slow release) nitrogen with trace elements, kelps and microbe stimulant. The amount of nitrogen can be varied to suit farmer requirements. The nitrification inhibitor effects out the Hibrix chelator means the total amount of applied nitrogen can be reduced.

In the initial two weeks after application the only visible difference in the pasture is sub-surface. Inspecting the root system will reveal and increase to the total root mass, mainly fine root hairs and an increase in nitrogen fixing bacteria clinging to the roots. After two weeks the first signs of accelerated growth appear above the ground.

Hibrix pasture improvers come in two varieties. The first is applied over the top of your existing fertilizing program. The second is an all inclusive stand alone product tailored to suit your requirements. Using a tailored Hibrix treatment to improve your pasture will generally cost 50 -75% of what your are spending now.

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